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Thats it.

Thats the show.

If you don’t know if you want to get into Welcome To Night Vale, listen to this clip, it does a perfect job of summing up the entire experience.

this is quite legitimately one of my favorite things that’s happened in the entire show.

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Holland Roden for Teen Vogue.

Holland Roden for Teen Vogue.

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Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are.

Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.

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Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 31.5 - Condos

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My dream for The Avengers: Age of Ultron is that it starts out with each of the Avengers getting a call early in the morning that they need to come in, and when they get to Clint, they’re like, “We still don’t have Romanoff’s new location, so if you have a way of contacting her, pass the message to her as well.” Clint replies, “I’ll see if I can track her down,” and hangs up the phone. Then he rolls over in bed and is like, “Hey Nat, get up, they need us.”

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moves so fresh you revive the dead comics

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Natalie Dormer + The eyebrow thing

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